We create them, we assemble them, we manufacture them

From the creation of the model to the assembly of the components, from the choice of fine leathers to the treatment of natural materials, up to the careful quality control: every single phase of the production process is carried out entirely by the company.

Luciano Ilari
Luciano Ilari

Quality control is carried out personally by the owners, who make it the strong point of the product. In fact, Luciano Ilari directly chooses the leathers to be used and the treatment to be carried out on them. He will carry out a selection of the best soles and a handicraft workmanship in the assembly of the shoe. The processing is still done by hand as it once was. Each item comes from a careful modeling that studies the shoe in every detail to ensure the fit and comfort of the foot.

Our Trademarks

Blake manufacturing

Invented in 1858 by the American technician Blake, the homonymous invention is a machine that sews the upper, the insole and the sole at the same time, with simple or double thread. Used for footwear with both leather and rubber bottoms and guarantees optimal anchoring The sole, after having been glued and pressed to the upper and to the insole, is further fixed with the use of the Blake, a special machine that makes the seam on the bottom of the shoe.

Rapid manufacturing

This process combines the midsole with the sole and is obtained using the Rapid sewing machine. This machine, which has curved needles and awls, is also normally used in the Goodyear process to sew the welt with the sole. Then the set of the two seams is called blake rapid.

Bologna manufacturing

In this process, also known as "a sacchetto", the inner lining is sewn like a bag around the shape, making the shoe softer and more flexible.

Hand sewing

It is an artisanal seam in which the skin is pierced by hand with an instrument called Lesina. This tool allows the skin to be drilled from the flower, passing internally to the thickness of the leather itself, to then come out again in the upper part. The thread is then threaded through the seams. The advantage of this seam is that the skin is not pierced in the underlying part because through the Lesina it is possible to pass the thread exclusively inside the thickness of the skin, without crossing it completely.

Tubular manufacturing

In the tubular processing, the upper wraps the shape also in the tread part, to then be sewn by hand in the upper part called the tray, through the use of a waxed thread.

Goodyear manufacturing

Shoe manufacturing system in which a welt, first sewn to the lip of the incene of the insole and to the upper, is then reached, externally, to the sole. The shoes made with this process are compact, robust and long-lasting.

Cassetta cucita manufacturing

It is the process that is used to create sneakers. The rubber sole, after being glued and pressed to the upper, is sewn with a special machine on the outer edge to improve its assembly to the shoe. An operation that guarantees tightness and durability of the shoe, highlighting its quality.

Ideal manufacturing

It is a handcrafted process. Used on the upper specially prepared with the external edges glued and pressed on a special midsole, it is then sewn using a machine called Rapid. The thread, once made of cotton and then of nylon, is passed into a special boiler where there is molten pitch, to guarantee the total waterproofing of the thread and the holes. This type of processing is used for high quality shoes and safety shoes.